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Creative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment is one of the most underrated aspects of wedding planning. Many couples consider wedding entertainment to be the soul of the occasion. It’s all about making your wedding more personal and fun, and it may help your guests mingle and have a good time.

Let’s face it, most guests will find a wedding to be fairly dull. After a solemn wedding, socialising and having a good time are excellent ways to unwind. Entertainment is a great way to pamper your wedding guests.

When arranging your wedding, it’s critical to choose high-quality entertainment so that your guests are happy and have a good time. It will be more memorable as a whole, and people will be less likely to forget it.

Many couples hire a DJ or their favourite band, which is pretty standard for any wedding evening. However, here are some of our favourite creative wedding entertainment ideas.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Photo Booth

A photo booth at your wedding is a fun way of capturing memories as well as just having a laugh! It is a great wedding entertainment idea to keep you and your guests amused all night. Everyone loves a selfie, so why not put a fun twist on it?

Interactive Photo Booth

You’ve probably seen props, masks, and frames at a wedding photo booth before, but now you can hire a touch screen picture booth with crazy effects! This saves the hassle of buying all the props or worrying about any props going missing during the night. 

VW Photo Booth

If you are a VW lover and want to implement that into your wedding, then no problem at all! What better way to show your style and personality than having a VW photo booth.

A great example is Birdie & Co who offer their flashy pink campervan photo booth to fun couples getting married.

Do you need a Photographer and a Photo booth at your Wedding?

You’ll never run out of interesting images to look back on if you have both of them available at your wedding. So, certainly, you’ll require both!

Your Photographer will be on hand to capture the touching moments and classic poses that we all enjoy seeing. We would also get those candid dancefloor images that will help you remember your special day forever. A photo booth, on the other hand, will allow guests to be able to take their own amusing and goofy pictures. You will be sure to get both professional and fun photos of your guests!

By hiring a photographer, you can rest assured that you will have photographs of your special day from beginning to end. From getting dressed to when the party ends, we will document everything. 

Pizza Party!

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you don’t like pizza, choose your favourite party food if you don’t want to have a fancy sit-down meal on your wedding day.

Pizza Bar

A food bar for your wedding can be set up in a variety of imaginative ways. Have you thought about having a pizza reception? If you’re planning an informal wedding party, consider this option instead of hiring an expensive catering service or having a 3 course sit down meal.

Ordering pizza has never been easier, and there are dozens of different varieties to choose from to fit any budget or taste. You can get fire-baked pizzas or a cheeky Dominoes – anything your heart desires!

Don’t want a Wedding Cake?

No problem! Have you ever seen a wedding pizza cake? They are epic and you should totally check them out if you are an absolute pizza lover. Whether you choose pizza, pies or cupcakes, your guests will love the inventive idea!

Wedding Entertainment Games

Witnessing your friends and family members gathered in one area is one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding day. A wedding is not only a time to celebrate your new marriage, but it’s also a great time to let loose with the people you care about. Fun wedding games of all kinds enliven the evening and allow guests to not only socialise but get to know each other.

Beer/Prosecco Pong

This game is a great way to break the ice and bring people closer. Imagine watching your family and friends smiling and having a good time together; your ideal wedding should be a lot of fun.

Board Game Station

Offering a selection of quick, multiplayer board games will entertain your more introverted guests throughout the evening. Classic games including Uno, Scrabble or something trivial are all great options.

Mini Golf

If you want something to entertain the adults and the kids then why not hire a mobile crazy golf course? Crazy 9 offers just this and even recommends some approved wedding venues!

Adult Piñata

Choose a piñata that is fun or describes you as a couple! It could include little alcoholic beverages or high-end chocolates, to name a couple of options. If your visitors will be bringing their youngsters, make sure you have a separate pinata for them!

Cocktail Making Class

Cocktails are probably the most fun way to drink – but your guests will have even more fun with them if they’re learning how to shake them up themselves! Hire a mixologist to give you the low-down on making cocktails. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself on your wedding day, right?


Sometimes when guests have been at a wedding all day, they want to go home pretty early on in the evening. This can leave the wedding venue or dance floor looking empty. Having something like a fireworks display to look forward to in the evening, will make guests stay longer. 

You want your wedding to be unique, with something no one else has, something that will make it unforgettable. After dancing and a few drinks, fireworks in the evening would do precisely that, and a wedding firework display will make your wedding day even more romantic. It will be like the start of every Disney film – just magical!

What Wedding Entertainment will you be planning?

Ultimately, you want to choose entertainment that you as a couple love. Entertaining your guests on your wedding day is key to keeping everyone happy and having an unforgettable time! Plus, your photographer will be able to capture some really fun images of you and your guests making the most of your creative wedding entertainment ideas. 

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