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How Videographers and Photographers work together on your Wedding Day

We are going to tell you exactly how videographers and photographers work together on your wedding day because it seems that many couples are worried that their videographer and photographer will get in each other’s way or clash on the day somehow. And you know what, you’re right to be worried because this is a real possibility. 

However at Weddings by AR, you will not have that problem because we have an amazing team of videographers and photographers who work together, saving you the hassle of finding individual suppliers for each. You can check out our combined videography and photography packages here

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Wedding Videographer vs Photographer

We want to tell you how videographers and photographers work together on your wedding day, the difference between them and how they are beneficial. There is a marked difference between the processes and specialities; our team knows how to work together, so they are working effectively as a team and individually to capture the right individual moments. 

Why you need a Videographer at your Wedding

Wedding videography is all about capturing emotions and telling stories. Although wedding videography was not as popular in the past, and filming was largely used for high-production cinematography, technology has advanced to the point that having one of the most important days of your life shot is now much more reasonable and feasible.

Videos are swiftly catching up to images as the go-to form of media for everything from weddings to birthday celebrations. Despite its advantages, many people are unaware that videography requires just as much, if not more, effort than photography. Many people are unaware of the amount of work that a videographer must put in to film an event and edit a film so that clients are satisfied with their work.

Why you need a Photographer at your Wedding

Wedding photography has existed for decades. Even though photography has developed and photographers have honed their talents to generate razor-sharp photos, the fundamental notion remains the same.

People appreciate the time and effort that a photographer devotes to capturing those breathtaking images on your wedding day that will be loved for decades. It is a great way to fill a photo album or photo wall, as well as post them on social media for everyone to see.

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How do Videographers and Photographers work together on your Wedding day?


One way our videographers and photographers work together on your wedding day is through communication. With all those emails back and forth between vendors, having your videography and photography done by the same team can save you a lot of time and effort. Everything is considerably easier with only one communication, one contract, and one package. 

During the wedding day, there may be minor clashes between several ambitious photographers and videographers, which could influence your images and movies. This is why trusting a business who have combined packages is always your best bet because you know that everything will go smoothly and they are used to working together. 

Same Intentions

Regardless of how many videographers or photographers you employ for your wedding day, their ultimate purpose is to capture your day in the style and manner that you desire. As a combined package specialist, we understand that it is in our best interests to ensure that both videography and photography are of the greatest quality possible.

It is a good idea to meet the team before the wedding so that they have a strong rapport on your big day. This means that we can plan and prepare as best as we can for your day, meaning everything will run smoother.

Planning Prior to the Event

To make sure that our videographers and photographers work together on your wedding day effectively is planning prior to the event. 

Something that is just as crucial as having the best skills and equipment is the necessity to communicate and plan ahead of time when filming and photographing an event. Our team will plan and prepare their images and equipment in the weeks leading up to your wedding date – the running schedule is crucial here.

Separate but Together

Wedding videography and wedding photography are genuinely two distinct disciplines that necessitate two distinct sets of skills and approaches to success. Capturing your wedding celebration through a collaborative effort to provide the greatest possible result is how our videographers and photographers work together on your wedding day.

Experience as a Team

When our wedding videographers and wedding photographers collaborate, they can encourage each other to capture inventive shots as unique as our couples’ journey.

During the wedding day, we inspire each other by brainstorming ideas and inspiring each other with our shoots and images. We’re used to collaborating, being in sync, and never getting in each other’s way. We’ve been collaborating for a long time. As a result, we understand how to effectively fulfil our clients’ joint goals.

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The Importance of a Videographer

There are several abilities that a videographer possesses that are often overlooked by people. Setting up audio, setting up cameras, and employing specialised equipment like a gimbal or a drone are just a few examples.

It takes a lot more than what you see in the final product to make a video. The audio is one of the most valuable aspects of video recording. It’s critical to have many audio sources and backup locations when recording professional-grade audio.

It’s critical to employ the right setups and many cameras to capture spectacular footage and prevent missing vital moments. During weddings, moments only happen once, and videographers edit footage from many sources to get the perfect shot.

Video editing is a completely different ballgame. Most weddings produce at least 400GB of footage, which is four times more than the typical photographer.

Videographers have to go through the footage for hours, which must be synchronised with the audio sources and matched with different cameras. The compiled footage is then put sequentially to tell a story using the creative mind of a videographer – the audio-visual impact of a video emphasises the storytelling element of wedding videography.

The Importance of a Photographer

While videographers use their expertise to capture hours of footage, the photography team should not be overlooked. Experienced wedding photographers are specialists at shooting with a purpose, which requires a lot of practice and a lot of experience to get the photos they desire!

It’s all about capturing that one perfect moment for the couple to display in their house or share on social media. The beauty of stills is that they weave a lovely scene of numerous moments with each shot.

Conclusion – Videography vs Photography

We now hope that you understand how videographers and photographers work together at your wedding. 

In the age of social media and technology, it is easier now than ever before to document your wedding in a professional manner. Both wedding videographers and photographers are skilled professionals who provide a unique aspect of the day – photos focusing on snapshots of the day that appeal to a person’s visual senses, whereas video focuses on emotions and takes the viewer on a heartfelt journey through audio and cinematic sequences. 

This is why we believe that having both video and photography during your wedding is necessary. And even more importantly, why it is necessary to hire a supplier who offers combined videography and photography packages!

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