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Why You Need a Videographer at Your Wedding?

Why do you need a videographer at your wedding? This seems to be a big question for many. While photography is a great way to remember your wedding day, videography takes it to the next level.

Smiles, tears, hugs, kisses, laughs, dances, vows, and wedding speeches can all be captured on video in a totally unique way. As a result, it’s important to choose a wedding videography package that exactly matches your overall vision.

Having a wedding video ensures that you can relive your special day in all of its beauty. Not only will you be able to watch how the day you planned came together, but you will also be able to see how your guests reacted, which you may have missed or not had time to notice.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Videographer For Your Wedding

  1. See the Parts you Missed
  2. Why you Need a Videographer as well as a Photographer
  3. Encapsulates the Emotions of your Special Day
  4. Capture Family and Friends in that Stage of Life
  5. Share your Wedding Video on Social Media
  6. No regrets!

See the Parts you Missed

Weddings are a whirlwind of excitement and fun. Most couples are surprised at how fast their wedding day passes. Months, if not years, of planning, have gone by in the blink of an eye. Having a videographer on hand will ensure that you don’t miss anything; whether it’s the moment where you are saying your vows or your Grandma pulling her best dance moves in the middle of the dance floor, we will do our best to capture it on film. 

Would you want to miss these moments? This is why you need a videographer at your wedding. Think of all the special moments you wouldn’t get a chance to witness.

Why you Need a Videographer, as well as a Photographer

Both images and video are crucial components of any wedding in our opinion. Videographers will remain on location for at least as long as photographers, if not longer, and we have a lot more post-production editing to do to create your perfect wedding film. 

It could be argued that a Wedding Film is even more significant than wedding photographs; although photographs lock your happy memories in time, a film allows you to revisit them. A video will also capture movement and sound whether that be your bridal party and groomsmen dance-off or your parents’ speeches.

Wedding Videos Encapsulates the Emotions of your Special Day

Hiring a professional wedding videographer who will not only capture the raw footage from your big day but will also cut it down into an emotive film, paired with music, that will tell the tale of your wedding from beginning to end, is so important. It’ll make you laugh and cry, and it’ll feel like you’re reliving your wedding day.

Capture Family and Friends in that Stage of Life

Another great reason why you need a videographer at your wedding is so you can capture an amazing stage of your life celebrated with your family and friends. Whether you’re inviting grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, teenagers, or babies to your wedding, it’ll be fascinating to watch your wedding film years later to see how people have changed. 

Share your Wedding Video on Social Media

You could share the most special clips on social media so all of your friends and family can see them. Was there a really funny moment of Grandma breakdancing in the middle of the dance floor that you would love everyone to see? Then you can share it online! Think of the little moments that will bring joy to everyone, all of those special little moments that not everyone witnessed on the day.

No regrets!

Last but not least – you will have no regrets! You won’t want to get to the day after your wedding and then realise that you wish you would have hired a wedding videographer! It’s always best to exhaust options during your planning if it is something that you are considering. This is a major reason why you need a videographer at your wedding.

Common Complaints About Having a Videographer

There are many reasons as to why some couples are unsure whether to have a wedding videographer, whether that be your brides feeling too shy being on camera to feeling like the videographer is a distraction. Here we are going to tackle these complaints…

You Can’t Hang a Video on a Wall

You can’t exactly hang a video on a wall and that is a lot of the time why a photographer is much more preferred for couples on their wedding day. However, we believe that capturing the memories on photo and film are just as important and that is why we offer our combined videography and photography packages.

The bride walking down the aisle, capturing the first kiss during the ceremony, all of those beautiful family portraits, the cutting of the cake, and that special portrait of you and your partner hanging on the wall – everyone knows what to expect from a photographer.

When it comes to videography, however, many couples are unsure of what to anticipate or even require from their videographer, which is a godsend in many ways because it lets us capture all of those genuine, natural moments that you may miss while having photos taken with the photographer!

Having a Videographer and a Photographer may be a Distraction

Couples may have valid reasons for being concerned about having both photographers and videographers at their wedding: they may be having an intimate wedding day with only close family and friends, they may be shy in front of the camera, or they may be concerned that the setting they have meticulously planned will be turned into a movie set. At AR Weddings we take a very natural approach to videography and will blend into the background, you won’t even know we are there!

Large weddings often necessitate a crew of photographers and videographers to capture everything that happens on the big day, and this may be exactly what you need if you’re throwing a big party. The bigger the crowd, the more we will blend in!

You may not be able to afford to hire a Videographer and a Photographer

This is why at AR Weddings we offer our combined Videography and Photography packages – we think of our couples and their best interests, offering high value content of their day. 

Given that 98% of couples regret not having a video, we advise our potential clients to reconsider the items they have already paid for: do you need that extra tier on the cake, those chair covers, a live band and DJ, a free bar, and so on? Though we’re confident that each of these on-the-day services adds something unique to your day, none of them will survive the test of time, and you’ll be able to look back on your images and videos for decades to come.

Do You Really Need a Videographer at Your Wedding?

Almost every couple we work with expresses their desire to relive the day they have been planning for months, if not years, and having both a videographer and a photographer ensures that all of those important moments are captured in full, for you to relive for the rest of your lives.

Choosing the perfect videographer for you is essential, to capture your day the way you want it to be captured. A videographer who ticks off all the requirements you are looking for and make sure that you adore their film style to achieve that perfect fairytale movie!

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