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9 Must-Take Photographs to Have During Your Wedding

On your wedding day, you will want to take plenty of photos to capture all of the memories of the day, which is why it’s key to finding the best photography services out there. After all, everything has to be perfect, and that includes your wedding photos.

Many couples are likely wondering what photos they should take on their wedding day to commemorate the event. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

1) The Wedding Ceremony 

Of course, you will want to take plenty of photos during the ceremony itself. This is an important part of the day, so you will want to make sure that you capture it in all of its beauty. Request your photographer to get a clear picture of the venue for you to remember.

2) The First Look Photos

Try to get some photos of the first look if you’re doing one. This is a special moment between you and your partner, and it will be nice to have some photos of it to look back on. Getting a photograph of you as newlyweds after can also be quite a splendid shot.

3) The Magical Kiss

Speaking of newlyweds, the kiss is one of the most iconic moments of a wedding, so ensure that your photographer captures it perfectly! This will be a moment you will want to remember forever, as it’s the first few moments that you truly are a married couple.

4) The Bouquet Toss 

The bouquet toss is a common tradition among brides, and it is a moment that you will want to remember. Make sure your photographer is ready to snap a photo of you throwing the bouquet, as well as the lucky friend or family member who catches it!

5) The Wedding Dance

The wedding dance, especially the very first one, is another moment that you will want to remember forever. Make sure that your photographer captures you and your spouse dancing together along with the guests who are enjoying the moment.

6) The Portrait with Parents

One of the most key parts of a wedding is the moment when you take a portrait with your parents. Ensure that your photographer captures this moment along with a set with your partner’s photos. And who’s to say no to a group picture?

7) The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Another moment where your photographer should be present is when you take photos along with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is a great opportunity for your photographer to capture your best friends and you in a very fun and relaxed manner.

8) The Wedding Cake

Another unforgettable moment is when you reveal and cut the wedding cake. Have your photographer capture that moment when you cut the cake along with your partner. The food at the reception is also great material.

9) The Getaway

The last moment that your photographer should capture is when you’re leaving the reception. Have your photographer capture the moment when you’re waving goodbye to your guests from your getaway car.


If you’re feeling a little unsure about anything at all regarding the wedding photos, simply ask a professional photographer for advice. They can surely help you choose the best time of day and location for your photos.

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